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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 7, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>>neil: until this paul -- until this is done, the president will put off his trip to hawaii on the payroll tax cut. does it have anything to do with a certain candidate being on this show? >> i will not play 80 or 90 rounds of golf and going off to hawaii or any other spot for almost three weeks. i will focus on helping the american people get good jobs and rising incomes. >>neil: ouch. who says mitt still can't create this? on this very show we created chaos in the president's travel
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plans. so larry wants you to listen closely and is not surprised over what this anchor has caused. larry, it happened yesterday, the change in travel plans today, and america need not thank me now, what do you make of this? >>guest: well, i am always calling you a chaos creator, really, neil. i will play along with that. look, i think that may have had something to do with it but even democrats were privately criticizing the president's decision. that was just tone deaf to take a 17-day vacation. that's what you do after you are re-elected, if, in fact, he is. you do not do that on the eve of a very tough year of campaign re-election. that is what obama was doing. so this makes sense. >>neil: i would not mind the vacation if you had not put out
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there the idea, congress, you have to get this done and day and get this done and i will be watching from hawaii. obviously, talk about optics, that is lousy optics. >>guest: if you are pushing a big legislative proposal and you are browbeating the republicans for doing it, it is really difficult to browbeat them while you are on the golf course. you are right, it is the optics. all presidents take vacateses and this is not nearly as bad as john adams taking a seven month vacation in 1798 but it is a different time, and every hour matters, and 17 days? most americans can not imagine a vacation that long certainly over christmas. >>neil: lucky thing adams did not is to contend with this show back then. people are wondering if i seriously meant that? thank you, larry. from a president's muscling to a billionaire steaming, fox on top of the donald.
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and this, this donald trump hosted debate yes-or-no? >>guest: no, i am not participating. we have two debates i have agreed to. the rest of the month is spent campaigning. >>neil: that prompted this response from gingrich who is participating. >>guest: so you want me to believe you could debate president obama but you are afraid to show up with donald trump? >>neil: we got a firestorm. gingrich is in, mitt, ron, and john are not and now the guy who invited them all, here to respond with a hot new book, and good to have you. what do you make of mitt saying no? >>guest: well, i was a little bit surprised because as you know he has come up to see me and we have had lots of conversations and low wants my
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endorsement. i thought he would have said, let's go, and unfortunately, i guess for him and his group he is doing not so well in the polls, but that is always subject to change, but you would think if you are behind in the polls you would want to debate. we would have tremendous ratings. that is the one thing. i am good at ratings. we would have gotten great ratings. >>neil: you still might. you are being more kind in your reaction to met -- mitt dropping out than huntsman? >>guest: well, i like mitt. i don't know huntsman. i reasonable would like him, but i don't him very well. he called me once to set up a meeting and we did not set up that meeting but i don't know huntsman and i didn't like his stand on china, and i heard what he said about china and i fully understand what is going on. >>neil: he was saying he would not kiss your ring or any other ... piece of your anatomy.
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what did you make of that? >>guest: look, that is just a phrase, i watched the phrase and he reasonable regrets he said it. he likes like a nice guy. he does a wonderful job at the wharton school of finance where i went, the number one business school in the word. so, jut, right there i like him. but, he is having a hard time and having a hard time generating support and he seems, honestly, he seems like a nice guy. >>neil: and you are left with senator santorum and gingrich. i get others could join, but, what are you going to do if it is just those two? >>guest: well, we will see. look, this is a news max debate, a powerful organization and they asked me to do it and i said i would. i was surprised not to get mitt because he wanted my endorsement, not that it has anything to do with it.
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>>neil: does this make it less likely? >>guest: no, i don't want to put this together with that. but everybody wants my endorsement. i represent a lot of people. i represent millions and millions of people as you know. you have to look at the webs. i represent millions of people that are tired of seeing this country ripped off. and that is why the candidates have come up to trump tower to see me and i have gotten to know them and herman cain who i think, obviously, he suffered greatly the last few weeks but he is a great guy, and, i got to know mitt the other day he came up and amazing, he was really, i really liked him and i got to know him and of course, newt was up very recently, and he is a rocket ship. i call him the rocket ship look what he has done gone from low to absolutely top of the heap. there is a reason for it. he is decisive. he is smart. they talked about the debate and he said, yes, absolutely, i love
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it, great forum. and i like that kind of decisiveness. >>neil: he could be a rocket but other rockets have come and gone. are you afraid he could be the latest? >>guest: no, i don't think so. he has been in the pot -- spotlight for many years and is successful as a politician. i know him pretty well and he is a very smart guy. i don't see a crash and burn. people are hoping against hope, but i don't see that happening. he is going to be very formidable right up until the end and the end is either a win. or a loss. but he will be very formidable. >>neil: you are pretty good guy at marketing and so were -- much of having read your books and following your career you
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know how to take advantage of the moment. so, i am wondering with your book out, and your hit show, whether all this is timed, in this case, to pump up sales of the fine book. what do you say? >>guest: no, i don't think at all. people talk about, look i had the number one selling business book here, we are in a great business show, a fantastic show i want all the time, but the art of the deal was the number one selling business book of all time and i have had 12 best sellers and this is a book that i am proud of and a book i probably worked the hardyist on. >>neil: but the publicity doesn't hurt, right? >>guest: no, it doesn't. account book is doing very well. it is already on the top lists and on the best seller list. but it is a tough book and tough to what we have to do to make the country number one. i'm very proud of this book and i'm very proud of what it
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represents. it's amazing how easy it would be to we have the right thought process and we don't with our leadership. this country has tremendous potential if we knew how to use it. >>imus: you know, you have said in the past and i hope i have it right you never forget a slight and when you were in the darkest days and you thought you would lose everything, you never forgot coming out of bankrupt. >>guest: i never went bankrupt. >>neil: on the brink. >>guest: i never went bankrupt. >>neil: on the brink. >>guest: i never went bankrupt. but i never went bankrupt. >>neil: okay i opened up a wound. >>guest: it's just so incorrectly reported. >>neil: what happened in the early no -- 1990's? >>guest: i was in trouble like everybody else and i worked out my difficulties and i had some great banks are with me to this
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day and they love freeway and today we have a company and i write in the book, over $7 billion net worth and we have a tremendous company with very low debt and tremendous cash and we have almost $300 million in cash and i built that from the ground up and i'm very proud of it. i made a great come back. >>neil: what i was getting to you said then you didn't, you do not forget a slight of people who have either dissed you or been dismissive and i wonder whether candidates who suck up to you fear you as much as they suck up to you? >>guest: i don't think they should fear me at all, i just want to see that the right person gets an office. we need it badly in this office we are doing terribly as a country, and it is in disarray, and now you have class warfare where you have the rich against the --. >>neil: are you open to running? you said you might be considering.
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are you open to that? >>guest: i will tell you that if the republicans get the right candidate and it doesn't thesely have to be somebody i will endorse, and i will endorse somebody, i will be extremely happy if they get the right candidate. >>neil: but if not, if not, if not are you open to running? >>guest: then my options are at. when i left because i have a very successful show and you understand that better than anybody, when i left i was number one in the polls. i was leading in the palms -- polls. >>neil: you would be open to returning? >>guest: i would be open to running but i would rather not return, i would rather have the republicans pick somebody that is going to be a great president. >>neil: you see why some of the others might be wreck -- the others might be reluctant because you could be joining the race and that is why they are not willing to debate? >>guest: we have a couple of
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candidates that could do a good job and i would like to see a really good candidate chosen by the republicans and that candidate take the flag and go out and win. my first preference, believe me. >>neil: we always enjoy having you on the show [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up!
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well i'm out of the parking lot. that's a good start. geico, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent, or more on car insurance. >>neil: 24 days to go until the payroll tax cut kicks in. so far, no deal and a guy that want dozen stop this drama, paul ryan says we can end the fights for goodbye changing the budget process. and now, what do you want do do? >>guest: well, i want to fix the budget process. it is broken. we have the budget act that has not work the for a long time.
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the senate has not proposed or passed a budget in 952 days so our government has not had a budget pore that period. we are still living off the 2009 budget. so we have proposed ten bills, ten reforms, to the budget process to make it pore reliable, to have real spending controls, better congressional oversight and more transparency on how taxpayer dollars are spent. we spent a long time looking at how to best rewrite the process so that it sticks, so that it works and we do not stumble from budget crisis to crisis with all of the uncertainty each year. >>neil: how do you prevent the deadlines that come up when either you is to get a measure done, a budget extended, some cash interest a program whose time is running out, you know what i mean. >>guest: well, so, we would basically propose to change the nature of the system. have long term spending bills with caps. have a binding joint resolution
4:17 pm
so the budget has the force of law. if we don't have -- we don't have more government shut down because we have automatic continuing resolutions that occur if we exceed beyond the deadlines so we do not have all the uncertainty with potential we government shut downs forcing bad decisionmaking. a lot of things that are imperfections that we proposal changes to. the list is too long for show, but there will be sunsets, if law, and we have to deal with those, providing more oversight, and we want to make the things occur in a more gradual way. we propose a two-year budgeting cycle so we do not spent all our time spending money and then doing it all over again and not doing any oversight. so, we want to get the drama out of the system. we would have a much more smooth system and business dozen not have all the uncertainty.
4:18 pm
>>neil: on the payroll tax cut thing more to the immediate interest, will it happen? will we get a deal? what does your gut say? >>guest: my guess is, yes, but i don't the answer. we are basically saying there are plenty of ways we can cut spending. cutting wasteful spending to let people keep more of their money fine with me, this is a tax holiday so it was meant to be temporary, if we treat it as permanent we have a huge problem with social security financing. or we will turn social security into a general fund program like a cash welfare program and not social insurance program and i don't think anyone wants that to happen. we don't think the demand side stimulus works to grow the economy but i am happy to cut spending to pay for letting people keep more of their own money. that is fine. so we are trying to find ways to do that and that is what we hope to do at the end of the day. >>neil: hats off to you, because early on you actually took the american people by
4:19 pm
their word and said they were serious about getting entitlements under control and you tried to tackle them and you were named the villain and pushing granny off the cliff. newt gingrich came out not fond of your proposal and i think dialing back a little bit and said he was and i am curious where things stand with you and the former speaker, whether you are surprised by his run up in the polls, whether you are backing him, could back him or what? >>guest: i am staying neutral. what people are hungry for are people's actions, ideas and solutions and newt is tapping into that. he is an idea factory. also, what is happening people know we have a serious situation on our hands and the leaders around here in the senate and white house are not doing anything. the president has not put out a credible proposal for three years. and has not budgeted for 952 years and we put out a plan to
4:20 pm
fix the problem. >>neil: but he is putting off the vacation to hawaii to get a deal. >>guest: this is end of the year stuff that has nothing to do with fessing the fiscal crisis that is just right over the horizon. we will have a european situation on our hands if we keep kicking the can down the road. i am encouraged about, as you have mentioned newt took back what he said because he misspoke, what i am encouraged about i see a consensus emerging on tax reform, broaden the base and lower rates and consensus on medicare reform the kinds of ideas that came from the clinton 1990's commission that commissions and now centrist democrats are echoing so we see a consensus emerging on tackling the debt crisis but it is not what the president and what the harry reid senate. they are on the outside looking far to the left center, but i see a centrist consent us emerging which if we get the
4:21 pm
right leadership in this town we can fix it. >>neil: we will watch closely. always good to see you. ♪ when the things that you need come at just the right speed, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ medicine that can't wait legal briefs there by eight, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ freight for you, box for me box that keeps you healthy, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ saving time, cutting stress, when you use ups that's logistics. ♪
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>>neil: the white house has a new initiative today designed to help consumers understand their credit card terms but maybe the white house might need a lesson understanding the temperatures of walk's credit line because last month the interest on that credit, just the interest, totaled $22 million. would better to provide that lesson than the personal financial guru. i thought it was rich, it would be like me putting some information out but they did, what do you make of it?
4:25 pm
>>guest: it is interesting that the president is so concerned about the interest on the credit cards but not on the national debt. we have paid $450 billion on the national debt in interest. if you divided that among every living human being in the united states of america, it would be $1,400 this year, $120 a for for every living human, and since half do not pay taxes it is $250 a month we pay in interest just to cover the national debt. just the interest on the national debt. >>neil: when i hear the administration or anyone come up with a plan, i don't think that is awful, that is fine, but i don't think washington appreciates the magnitude of the bigger problem, and that is the spending and that is the
4:26 pm
impossible and runaway interest related costs carrying this enormous debt, but they are pointing the fingers and offering advice, and just leaving aside paying for attention to what we are seeing and just do what you want me to be doing, it just seems so hypocritical to be almost loveable. >>guest: i agree but it panders to senator portions of the base to make the banks the bad guy yelling about the banks is like yelling at the kids for selling the dime bag on the street corner. corner. he is wrong but not the real problem. the banks are not the true enemy of the middle class, the true enemy is the interest we pay on our national debt. that has to be brought under control and that is a spending problem. >>neil: and a fox -- pox on both parties. no one will do anything for the next roughly, year, more than that as the new congress is
4:27 pm
sworn in and a new president or this one is resworn in. because it is election year. they have telegraphed they cannot compromise on anything. could at the rate of $4 billion a day added to the debate this is what we will face. am i right? >>guest: you are absolutely right. nothing will happen for at least a year until the legislations and probably another year after that, before we start to see any turn around of any kind. at best, if even got their way. so, i think we have to hunger down and start doing the right things on an individual basis. if i were going to advice a person the first thing you have to do is get a budget the you have to spend less money that you earn. the government does not do that. and i would tell every individual that you should never borrow money you do not have a way to pay back but we do naviry single day. so, since the government is not going to get it right for a good long while people need to do what is right. >>neil: you brilliant, buddy, i can see why you have churned
4:28 pm
out so many best sellers and why you wear a red shirt. blagojevich gets 14 years in the slammer for trying to sell a senate seat, so why isn't anyone making a big deal out of nancy pelosi talking about disclosing information
4:29 pm
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>>neil: this just in. blagojevich flag is -- rod blagojevich is going to jail for
4:32 pm
14 years for trying to sell the senate seat. what is the punishment for threatening to impugn a former house speaker? and lis wiehl on whether nancy pelosi crossed a dangerous line when she hinted at releasing damaging evidence on newt gingrich over a closed door investigation great many years ago. >> something like 20 years ago. i think she crossed that line. that was an implied threat to give over materials that should never be given over. issue issue she -- >>neil: she dialed back. >>guest: but she has not done it. but blagojevich never made a penny. >>neil: how do we know behind the scenes? >>reporter: now she made that threat, if the documents, and i am not asking for this, if they leaked, you would think the first person we will go to, we will say, nancy pelosi, did you leak the documents and she will
4:33 pm
going to say "no." she cannot . >>neil: but doesn't that stuff come out anyway? >>guest: of course. >>neil: like the harassment charges against herman cain, it isn't supposed to come out but it does. >>reporter: and you can put that on the news. we have no compunction about doing that or should we, we given the source. we don't care where we get it but for her to come out and threaten and it really was an implied threat, i am trying to couple it in a its knewer way because she did not do it, when you run, i'm coming out with this material from all the years ago, the only way she could get it was behind closed doors in public, excuse me in private signatures, with other congress people, and --. >>neil: but it will come out. whether it is trace toddler we will not know but it will be damning. >>guest: absolutely. >>neil: and the final charge
4:34 pm
of the 85 charges. >>reporter: some of the information was public. >>neil: we will know never. i don't think people will discern what was public or not. >>reporter: obviously. >>neil: will it be damaging? >>reporter: maybe against gingrich but there is so much out there in the public, how much more could it be? the reason it is private is because the ethics committee investigated and didn't do anything. don't you thing they would have to they had something at that time, pelosi would have gone after it? as they did on some of the other counsels? absolutely. so it seems the information that is private like common sense, you information that is private is not going to be as damning as what is out there in the public. >>neil: interesting. i am curious, you mentioned just her saying it could be putting her in a legal problem. >>guest: she is threatening to do something that is on its face illegal, so you can't, and
4:35 pm
putting it in the voice of a threat, you can not expose private documentation that congress members have during a private meeting like that or committee meeting, that is against all rules, so the threat is one step less than doing it. if she did it she should be charged with something. i am not sure what, but now she has only threatened it. but, what is interesting, this is happening at the very same time that blagojevich is sentenced to 14 years which was the right sentence. the proper sentence. >>neil: they are putting off the beginning of the sentence until february. >>reporter: that is normal. >>neil: can he be out of prison while the appeal is going on. >>guest: he will ask that. but this judge will not allow that. >>neil: does this judge hate him? >>guest: after that trial, walking in this and saying i didn't do it, and slicking his hair, and firing the lawyers.
4:36 pm
>>neil: you often comment on the hair. >>guest: who hasn't? >>neil: i thought it was beautiful hair. but you thing that is unlikely? >>guest: unlikely. >>neil: he would appeal behind bars. >>guest: you can appeal behind bars but be out while the appeal is pending? no it could take years. that is a play on the system. and this judge doesn't want to play on the system. he was adamant about saying, not saying it in so many years this is deterrent value for politicians. if you do it you will get 14 years or more in prison. >>neil: just don't say it on the telephone. >>guest: don't be recorded. crazy thing is he did not make a penny off of it. >>neil: if you are going down take the money. get some money. thank you, lis, very much. you her it here moments ago the donald saying the door is open
4:37 pm
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>>neil: for those just tuning in, maybe donald trump making news a few moments ago. are you open to running? >>guest: well, i will tell you if the republicans get the right candidate and it doesn't necessarily have to be somebody that i'm going to endorse and i will endorse somebody, i will be happy if they get the right candidate. >>neil: but if not? if not? if not? are you open to running? >>guest: my options are open. >>neil: so the donald is not ruling out a presidential run of his own as he prepares to host a presidential debate. can he really do that? political watcher tucker carlson, you have your doubts? >>guest: i have my doubts. i have my doubts about any republican candidate who would
4:41 pm
appear a debate. i like donald trump, he is talented television performer and a good businessman but he has said he might basically upset the republican field so if you are a republican candidate hoping to secure your party's nomination, the message is pretty clear, do not participate in a debate republican by this guy. that would be crazy. >>neil: so, what does it mean for santorum and for gingrich who are both the only ones so far who have agreed to this? what do they risk? i look at them and i say they have nothing to loose. >>guest: well, santorum doesn't. he is in a tough spot. with the poll numbers. looking for exposure. i get it. newt is the frontrunner and if tomorrow is move like it is now heel be the republican nominee. he has to convince voters particularly independents that he is a serious person. this is not a joke. he is a sober mined guy with
4:42 pm
self control and me will not participate if a circus. >>neil: you assume it is a circus. ic he is a good guy and i know it sticks some people off but no denying his success and he has the marketing skills, if you are gingrich and you are rising, it is not as if you are sacrificing votes whether you are the front run are now or later or keeping it now or later, did this guy drag you down? i don't know if that happens. >>guest: it depends. certain candidates probably not. but in the case of newt and, again, i agree with you about trump, something is compelling about the guy. he is impressive. but, the presidential primaries are less than four weeks away and we are getting down to the no kidding around anymore zone, and if you are newt you have to convince people that after these many years of flying around in the private sector you are ready
4:43 pm
to come become, sober, serious minded, and you are ready to run the united states of america, so, i don't think you want any kind of affiliation of any kind that is less than sober and serious, and whatever you thing of trump sober is serious do not immediately come to mind. >>neil: so if you are doing your lincoln and douglas thing, you get good buzz, and the name out there, and to gingrich is lacking an organization which i guess he is, in a lost the states this can buy you a compromise? >>guest: people pay attention to newt no matter where he goes. he could stand outside macy's and a crowd would form. he is compelling. he never has any trouble. he is the frontrunner with to money and no organization. we had a reporter at his headquarters and there is no one there. he doesn't need that. that is my view. >>neil: appreciate it.
4:44 pm
romney said no, and huntsman will not show up for the donald debate, but will show up at the debate in sioux city and they are showing up because they found out i will be there. i know, i know, i know you heard about chris wallace, and bret baier, hosting the whole thing, whatever, but, it's me they are coming for. actually, it is part of a fox, it is really going to be good stuff with questions from all over, the most unique of any debate thus far, december 15th ill-be there starting with our shows next tuesday all through next week with the very biggest names from the world of politics and business, and my colleagues, and special report, and we hope to keep bret baier there late enough so he misses his show. so next week, in sioux city, we are told it is 12 degrees. 12 degrees. would says an people does not
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plus get up to $600 when you open an account.
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>>neil: new york is doing it. the democratic governor locking for raise revenue by raising taxes on the wealthy something he said he would not do. it sounds like the plan that jerry brown is pushing in california. those two states already have the highest income tax rates in the united states. something else we have in common. the biggest budget problems in the united states. and charles says that is no coincidence. what do you think? >>guest: california and new york, greece, spain, they all have run the governments the same way. gigantic budgets and spending. look how many moved away from
4:49 pm
california the last 10 years. how many left new jersey the last 10 years. new york. productive citizens have abandoned those states in droves and do we want to drive the most productive people away? who comes in honestly, you have a lot of illegal immigrants, and more welfare spending and the tradeoff is amazingly bad for the long term health of the states and we have seen what has happened in europe. >>neil: the governor is saying net-net taxes are still down for everyone including the rich because the millionaire's tax is out but not completely but the continue rate is imagine naturally lower than prior. you are saying it is unrealistic because if you let that phase out completely, the upper income would have been paying a lower rate. >>guest: absolutely, the rest plan of the upper income would go down. if we cannot thank him, at least he has defined "rich," and he
4:50 pm
has drawn a line in the sand at $2 million. i can appreciate $2 million opposed to $200,000 which the white house considered "rich," but, you know, listen, this week in italy they had a program called "save italy," and we see what they are doing in europe and it is hard for me to see where it will not be a combination of a tax hike on the rich and massive spending cuts as the ultimate combination that goes through the country whether we are pushed to the precipice like europe remains to be seen. >>neil: is this what will happen? we are looked in the debate, a deep philosophical debate over what we should do, higher taxes, aggressively cut spending and it will not be resolved. >>guest: here is the thing with the president's speech in kansas, the notion, you present this as economic plan, fine, but you present you are doing fine because someone else is doing well, that is despicable, i am afraid when the election is over our country is going to be torn
4:51 pm
to shreds, and there will be tough pieces to put back together. >>neil: you are one of five new yorkers who will be paying. >>guest: and one of the five who will be leaving the city. >>neil: in the moan time forget lost and found it is mf global customer base lost for good their cash. .
4:52 pm
everyone in the nicu, all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment.
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♪ ♪ >> neil: all right. first, the collapse and now corzine going to congress. and whether the former new jersey governor, former head of m.f. global will get yapping tomorrow, no one is sure, but thanks to fbn charlie gasparino here is what we do know. we could be looking at $1.2 billion of customer cash that is not only missing but permanently gone. we have more on this. >> they will probably trace it somewhere but i think -- i am
4:55 pm
getting this from the investigators working on the case and banks involved in the bankruptcy of m.f. global. they have the forensic accountants looking at this as well. the money was likely customer money commingleed with the operationm money. commingling the money was used to pay off debts so to speak. >> neil: that is a no-no? >> it's illegal. customer money -- even when bear stearns implodeed and lehman brothers implodeed, customer money is segregated. you have can't use it for anything but to give back to brokerage customers. they were a brokerage firm and handling orders for the customers and pro priortary trading shop. that is where jon corzine was taking the risk and got in trouble. the customer money was used for the operational stuff. when you pay off the customer, the customer gets to keep it. it's not like a bernie madoff scam where it's ill-gotten gains. it's real money given. those people are owed that money, the bankruptcy trustee cannot claw it back.
4:56 pm
it's likely that that money is gone for good. how much money is gone for good? we don't know an exact figure. the bankruptcies trust $1.2 million. i think the trustee will have a more accurate estimate in the next couple of days. i believe they are testifying. >> neil: what about corzine? will he say anything? >> he is clearly given testimony. he will go there and read a statement. but does he say anything when he is under oath, being questioned by the guys? you know, harvey pitt told our people, former sikh chairman, a long-time white collar crime defense attorney said there is no way he will speak. i talk to people saying he is not going to take the fifth and he will answer questions because that is what corzine is. if he answers questions he has to be really narrow, right? these are perjury traps. all of these things. lloyd blankfein is still investigated for potential perjury when he gave testimony on the financial collapse of goldman sachs.
4:57 pm
he didn't say anything off the charts. >> neil: you think his lawyer would say for the better part of valor, don't say anything. i want to hit you with a blind side with this but we are getting reports that the new york city police department putting banks on alert after part of address to deutsche bank chief executive ackerman. what is going on here? how real is this threat? do you know anything? >> i think -- i don't know how real the threat is. following 9/11, this is kind of an interesting story. following 9/11, every threat like that is taken extremely seriously. not just by the banks but the new york stock exchange. i will tell you this, the occupy wall streeters thought they'd raid the stock exchange, they would be crazy. if you are wall and broad no, way to get near there. the banks know they are terrorist targets. every single time there is a threat, and this one seems to be somewhat credible because they are talking about it. >> neil: there was a package addressed to the ceo. in this case, deutsche bank.
4:58 pm
we live in that. >> yeah. they take every one of these serious. some more others but this one is serious. >> neil: financial entities are always target, aren't they? >> evil capitalists. a lot of reasons why. i don't think it helps we have people protesting in wall street that the banks are the root cause of all evil. i'm critical of the banks. you know what i'm saying? we two have to worry demonizing it to this level. jamie dimon made a few comments about the demonization and he said it does nobody really any good. we have first-rate financial system. it has problems but don't throw the baby out with the bath water. damemy dimon makes a lot of sense. >> neil: does a lot of this goes away from the bad times go away? or not as many bad times are here? if you are angry and upset and feel victimized there are people to blame, right? >> evil bankers have been blamed throughout history.
4:59 pm
they did a lot wrong. we should point out that building case against bankers, just because jon corzine made a bad bet doesn't mean he is guilty of fraud. remember that. it will be interesting. even if he takes the fifth, it does not mean he is guilty. plenty of innocent people take the fifth. you do it to protect yourself. i'll be on cavuto at 6:00. >> neil: looking forward to it. >> update the story. >> neil: he is the best. we got him on fox. that will do it for now. one hour from now on fox business, charlie will make calls and get to the bottom of the corzine mess. do not forget we're in iowa tuesday leading up to the big fox debate. we have rick perry, ron paul, founder of ameritrade among the many special guests. fox news show and the fox business show there. the big debate itself on thursday night. i know what you are thinking. neil you normally tell to us tivo bret and watch you. well, this is the best of both worlds. we are both doing the same debate.


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